Work in Process
Order Tracking

Gain real time visibility into
order status and 
your manufacturing efficiency.

Gain Complete Visibility Into Production Order Status

Automated Data Capture

Scan and capture quantity and elapsed time
of work in process at each operating step,
with minimal data entry.

Real-Time Order Tracking

View the status of orders in real time, see how
orders are distributed across operating steps, and
quickly act on stalled or at risk orders.

Improved Visibility

Utilize dashboard reporting to quickly assess quantity,
cycle time and deviations against goals across operating steps, 
and make changes to improve efficiency.

Flexible Configuration

Solution components can be hosted
in the cloud or reside in-house, and data
collection fields can be customized to fit your process.

Barcode Scanner Integration

The data collection utility can be installed
on any workstation/device and is configured to work
with any scanner connected to that device.

Data Rich Dashboards

Dashboards track and provide insight into
both production and archived orders,
accessible on any device via secure URL.

Explore WIPView Functionality

How WIPView Works

Data Collection Utility

The Data Collection Utility, located at each operational workstation and integrated with a bar code scanner, enables users on the production floor to scan order barcodes and easily record work progress with minimal data entry. Users can

  • Scan in quantity to start work, with scan action and available quantity already filled out.
  • Scan out quantity to end work, with the scan action and available quantity already filled out. 
  • Indicate and keep track of any rework to repair or address deviations.
  • View and make any necessary changes to the complete scan history of an order at an operational step, and add notes to any action.

Order Tracking Dashboard

The Order Tracking Dashboard includes metrics that help management and customer support level resources better assess order progress across the entire production floor.  Dashboard reports can be accessed on any device via secure URL, and display the progress of real-time production order status.

  • Alerts highlight at risk and stalled orders.
  • Charts graphically display open order count, open quantity, and cycle time against goals across operational steps.
  • Use controls to filter the dashboard view by step, status, customer, and order number.
  • View individual order status summary in tabular format.  Expand the grid to show complete status by job step.
  • Export to Excel for additional analysis.

WIPView Configuration

An on premise or cloud-hosted SQL-server based data environment supports solution components.

The solution stores extracted order data along with order scan history collected from each step in your manufacturing process.  The data is then made available for device-independent  tracking and assessment via web-based dashboard reporting.


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