Squad Conductor 
Project & Task Collaboration
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    Squad Conductor Keeps Teams Organized and Efficient

Squad Conductor is designed to enable users to easily add and manage the status of project tasks, while giving project managers and executives the tools to track resource and project status over time and adjust resources effectively.

Easily Add Tasks

Add Tasks and Adjust Status.
Create tasks, update status, adjust resources, and easily attach notes from wherever you are, across all your projects, with an interface designed to minimize data entry and increase communication.

Track and Act

Monitor & Report Team Progress.

Easily capture and build a project status to communicate with stakeholders.  Show completed task statistics, communicate budget and timeline information, and highlight risks with visual indicators.

See the Big Picture

Improve Executive Visibility.

Utilize the Dashboard to quickly see how project tasks are tracking across time, view submitted project status information, and view and how resources are allocated across projects on demand.

Explore Squad Conductor Features

Create Projects and Add Resources

The Project Module allows project managers to  easily add projects and maintain project attributes:

  • Name, describe, and associate a project with an owner and a internal or external department/vendor.
  • Set overall start and due dates, record percent complete, and add notes.
  • Add resources to the project.
  • Grant each resource the appropriate level of access to the project.

      Manage Tasks Across All Projects

The Task window
is the command center of the application.  All of your projects and tasks are organized on one window.
  • Toggle between all of your projects in the left pane.
  • Click built in filters in the left pane see tasks assigned to you, due today, and due this week, or overdue.
  • View the selected project’s tasks in the middle pane.
  • Add a new task or subtask to create your own custom hierarchy.
  • Simply click on a task to edit it (e.g. add a note, update status) in the right pane.

Easily Capture and Build Project Status

The Project Status Module lets project owners easily capture and publish project status reports.

  • Select a timeframe for your report, then assign visual indicators that communicate risk, and add summary text to describe project progress.
  • Squad Conductor then captures task completion statistics for the period selected and generates a status report. Owners can send the status via email with built in controls, or stakeholders can view the report via the Project Status module

    Manage Project Status and Resources

The Dashboard Module allows executives to keep track of internal and external vendor projects via one interface.

Users can quickly see how project tasks are tracking across time, and view and how resources are allocated across projects, on demand, tracked in a Gantt chart view.

  • In Project View, see all your projects and tasks plotted on a easy-to-review Gantt chart. Click on a project or task bar to see project status and task completion statistics associated with that project.
  • In Resource View, view resource task assignment week by week, with resource project tasks displayed on the Gantt chart, giving you greater insight in resource allocation.

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