Multichannel Marketing
Analytics Suite 


The Advantage of Multichannel Marketing Analytics


Aspect Consulting has a quick-start data integration engine that automates the load of tactical engagement data across all of your marketing channels and vendors, and centralizes the data into a single private cloud-hosted asset. 


BioPharma marketing professionals can then more easily access and use that centralized data to measure how tactics and campaigns perform at a very granular level. 


As a result, your organization can better evaluate which tactics should be employed in future campaigns, make more agile marketing decisions, and enhance target segmentation efforts based on actual engagement behavior.

Explore Multichannel Marketing Features

Integrated Data Warehouse

We do the heavy lifting, loading, validating and aggregating of your data across all your marketing channels.  The result is cloud-based, integrated data, housed within a fully scalable architecture, ready for dashboard reporting and/or ad-hoc analysis via a self-service portal.
  • Could Hosted Data Warehouse reducing your infrastructure overhead.
  • Quick Start Framework, for rapid deployment of componets that easily scale as your data needs grow.
  • Master Data Management, ensuring consistance across all data entities and sources.

Analytical Dashboard Reporting

A dashboard reporting portal which gives you access to your tactical campaign response data across all your marketing channels and data suppliers, so that you can better evaluate the success of your campaigns, and make better decisions.
  • Easily Analyze Campaign Tactics and understand which tactics are succeeding.
  • Optimize Campaign Design, armed with a better understanding of your digital marketing penetration.
  • Enhance Lead Scoring and Segmentation efforts utilizing the power of consolidated data to better reach prospects.

Multichannel Marketing Analytics

Analytic Components: Consolidated Warehouse for Increased Analytical Power

Your Multichannel Marketing Data Warehouse will Utilize a fully Scalable, reusable data load infrastructure to put all the data you need for digital marketing analysis into one consolidated location, increasing your analysis power.
  • The Data Warehouse is a standalone component, hosted in a private cloud, reducing your infrastructure needs.
  • Framework components with Master Data Management processing validate and standardize your data, and store it in a format for efficient reporting.  Matches of incoming prospects are automatically matched to a master record.
  • Data is accessible for Ad-Hoc reporting via a self service portal.  Add a dashboard reporting module for quick and easy access to your data.

Add Dashboard Reporting for Additional Analytical Power

To increase your analysis power, add Dashboard Reporting and gain immediate access to a dashboard portal that enables users to utilize a variety of filters to track and analyze prospect touchpoints and their level of engagement. Aspect can work with you to fine tune and customize metrics to align with your digital marketing practices and anlysis goals.

  • Look up a prospect by ID, name, or email and see how many touch points they received or engaged in.
  • Look up by tactic to see which targets received it or engaged with it.
  • Look up by brand to see which targets have engaged with tactics.
  • Look up by timeframe to see which targets received or engaged with tactics.
  • Export data for distribution or further analysis, and capture an audit trail of any data exported (export reason, data included, user that exported data).

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