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Gain better visibility into clinical
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Clinical Study Monitor Gives You Access So You Can Take Control 

Risk-Based Monitoring

View progress toward key data accrual, query response, deviation, and adverse event metrics for early detection of factors that have the potential to impact submission milestones.

In-Depth Safety Analysis

View summarized adverse event data across studies, and drill down to both study and subject level for in-depth analysis.

Responsive One-Click Analytics

Quickly slice and dice your data utilizing filters customizable to meet your specific dosing scenarios.

Scalable Data Platform

A fully scalable data environment houses both internally and externally sourced clinical and operational data and can accommodate future growth.

Cloud-Based Components

Solution components can be cloud-hosted for cost efficiency, or can reside in-house.

Complete Data Support

Our experts support your data environment, working with you and your CRO's to ensure the integrity of your source data.

Explore Clinical Study Monitor Features

Program Safety Monitor Dashboard

The Program Safety Monitor Dashboard includes metrics that help management-level resources better assess safety data across the entire study platform.  

Customizable filters enable users to slice data by program, study, and dosing scenarios applicable to your organization:  Users can:

  • View key population metrics
  • Monitor subject disposition
  • Assess adverse event metrics and alerts, with drill in to greater detail.
  • Apply additional filters for advanced safety analysis.


Study Monitor Dashboard

The Study Monitor Dashboard includes metrics that help clinicians better assess the progress toward study milestones and monitor metrics that provide insight into possible risks, with drill in by site and subject.  Clinicians can:

  • View study-specific milestones and monitor enrollment projections
  • Track subject disposition and deviations
  • Measure data accrual metrics and monitor progress toward query response
  • Assess adverse events by seriousness, relationship, and toxicity grade, and sort by system organ class and preferred term

Integrated Data Respository

A SQL-Server based integration environment stores both internally and externally sourced operational and clinical study data in one centralized repository.

  • Flexible and scalable data load components allow the load a wide variety of file sources and formats from multiple internal sources or third-party vendors.
  • Smart validation processing normalizes and stores data in a format consumable for solution reporting components.
  • Cross study data is then available in one centralized location, and supports dashboard reporting with rich data visuals, eliminating the manual effort to compile, merge and report on data from separate vendors.

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