It's All About the Data

Data is at the hub of every business and managing data is at the core of what we do.

Our consultants are experts in data integration, data warehouse design, and implementation, with expertise in the latest ETL technologies.

We do the heavy lifting, placing all the data you need to make business decisions into one consolidated location, increasing your analysis power.


  • Data Warehouse Architecture and Design
  • ETL Implementation & Migration
  • Master Data Management
  • On Premise to Cloud Migration
  • Data Integration
  • Data Mining
  • Data Trending and Forecasting
  • Vendor/Tool Selection, Implementation, and Configuration

Components of a Successful Data & Application Integration Platform

Fully Scalable Architecture - Centralized, Integrated Data - Managed Operations

Determine Your Data Integration Needs
We work with you to identify your data sources, choose the most effective platform that aligns with your technology direction, and help you choose the infrastructure hosting configuration that works best for your business. We utilize a phased approach, focusing on centralizing data associated with the processes with the highest business impact first.

Key AdvantagesIntegrated Data Streamlines OperationsImproved Analytical CapabilitiesReduced Infrastructure and Resource Costs

A Complete Picture

Resulting in Reduced Effort and Increased Efficiency

Aspect utilizes a fully scalable reusable data load infrastructure to put all the data you need to perform your day to day operations in your hands. Framework components validate and standardize your data.

Data can be hosted in a secure cloud, reducing your infrastructure needs, but fully owned and available to you, or reside on premise. We help you choose the right hosting configuration to meet your business needs.

BI reporting and operational support service offerings complete the picture, helping you reduce costs and increase efficiency.
Data Warehouse Reporting

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