We Provide Powerful Insight Into Your Data

Aspect's data visualization services put the tools and data your operational leaders need to make daily decisions directly into your hands.

In combination with your Data Integration Services, we can centralize all the cross-business data points you need to improve decision making.

Our Consultants work with you to design reports and KPI dashboards with analytics and rich graphics based on that data, rapidly building, testing and deploying reporting that brings your data to life.


KPI Dashboards for Sales and Operations
Marketing Analytics
Multichannel Marketing Dashboards
Forecasting and Predictive Analytics
Supply Chain and Logistics
BI Tool Selection, Implementation and Configuration
Custom Reporting Solutions
Self Service Data Setup for Ad Hoc Reporting

Storyboarding for Efficiency

Aspect begins each engagement by meeting with clients to review reporting goals, audience, and data points.

We prepare a reporting storyboard that reimagines required report/KPI's graphically, and illustrates each proposed component with callouts and/or descriptions to describe functionality.

The Benefit: We can quickly communicate design options and capture descign decisions so that the design phase of the project is conducted more efficiently.

Featured Success Stories

Enterprise Analytics Suite

Enterprise Analytics Suite

Enterprise Analytical Suite (EAS) is a suite of cloud-hosted data integration and reporting components that places all the data you need to better direct new sales initiatives in your hands.  

The suite is comprised of a cloud-based fully scalable data load infrastructure that validates and standardizes your data.

Robust reporting dashboards provide mobile-ready, immediate insight at both the management and field level, helping you to analyze and direct sales activities.  

Data management tools complete the picture, enabling you to ensure data integrity across multiple source records with match and merge technology, and quickly maintain salesforce, market, and product level data.