The Top 5 Tech Trends of 2021

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The effects of the last year have caused companies to take inventory of the holes in their buckets, to review their current systems, and to refine strategies to keep businesses afloat. Many companies realized the weaknesses within their operations as customers’ needs rapidly changed. Undoubtedly, technology played a major role in supporting businesses all over the world throughout the past year. Outlined below are the top 5 tech trends to watch for in 2021.

  1. Automation

Companies have used automation in the past for tasks such as creating invoices, sending reminders, and notifications. However, with many companies closing their doors, and having remote employees, there has been an increase in the need for automation. Rather than receiving human interaction as they have in the past, consumers are being met and served with automation as the first form of contact for many businesses. Automated systems can be developed, customized, and managed easily making business operations more efficient and productive.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

2020 left government agencies scurrying to process more data in a short period of time than what could have been processed by humans alone. While automations can assist with the volume and speed at which contacts are made, AI is necessary when a decision needs to be made during that process. For example, agencies depend on AI to process, sort, and determine benefit eligibility based on data received by applicants. Because of its effectiveness, AI has been and will continue to be used more often. Even the latest cell phones are equipped with AI, and what is amazing is many consumers are unaware of how often they use AI, or its capabilities.

  1. Remote Access

Last year, businesses began abruptly closing their doors to the public, and even to their own employees, leaving business owners with difficult decisions to make. While essential businesses modified their hours, occupancy requirements, and safety policies and procedures in order to remain open, non-essential businesses were forced to close indefinitely. It started with two weeks and quickly turned into longer. Businesses simply were not prepared, and changes needed to be made fast to keep businesses from shutting down completely. Tons of positions that had not been remote quickly became remote positions which allowed employees to remain employed. Months later, realizing the benefits of remote working, many companies are now reconsidering how often employees will be required to meet in person going forward.

  1. Cyber Security

The idea of cyber security certainly is not new. However, with the global increase of online activity also comes a huge increase in the need to protect data. Because there was such a rush to get systems up and running, and to get people using these systems immediately, there was, and still is, a great chance for vulnerable systems to be attacked. Additionally, it will be vital to secure user accounts, applications, and networks.

  1. 5G and Internet of Things (IoT)

While these two can be topics of their own, they are very closely connected. 5G will do more than improve cellular network connections as some may believe. It is beginning to pave the way for people and businesses to connect in ways that have never been done in the past. IoT is the digital connection of everyday devices, and it is transforming the world as we know it. Talking refrigerators and other household appliances, smart products in the home and in the industrial world, and even wearable health monitors can be linked to the combined use of 5G and IoT.