Top 3 Reasons to Outsource IT Staffing

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Top 3 Reasons to Outsource your IT Staffing Needs

February 18, 2016

Having Difficulty Finding Talented IT Professionals?

Between screening prospects, coordinating schedules, and checking references, when is there ever enough time to find what you’re looking for? Many hiring managers are opting to partner with a staffing company to outsource their recruiting needs.  According to the American Staffing Association, “During the course of a year, America’s staffing companies hire more than 14 million temporary and contract employees (American Staffing Association, 2015).” Clearly, utilizing a staffing company gives you access to many more potential resources, which can save you time and most importantly, cut expenses.  

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Recruiting to a Staffing Company

  1. Reducing Costs: When outsourcing the recruiting process, time-intensive tasks like advertising on job boards, performing background checks, and reviewing resumes for that perfect candidate become cumbersome.  They are now part of the staffing service, therefore cutting costs for your company. Outsourcing your recruiting also removes the costs spent on recruiting tools like job board subscriptions and resource tracking systems.
  2. Getting Back to the Business of Things: Another benefit to outsourcing the process is the elimination of a prolonged hiring experience that some employers face within their companies.  The process of hiring has increased in length since 2010, with the average number of days to complete the hiring process now standing at 22.9 days, according to Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist from Glassdoor Economic.  What if there was a way to dramatically reduce the days spent on hiring?  Internally, your resources must balance everyday business operations with hiring tasks, significantly drawing out the process, and adding the risk of missing out on the best IT candidates.  Outsourced recruiters are focused only on hiring activities - finding, vetting and scheduling the best candidates for review, while allowing your resources to focus on their day to day activities.

    Effectiveness and Quality: The professionals working within the recruiting industry have greater wealth of resources and capabilities to find  quality IT candidates needed.  The wealth of resources includes: understanding the best IT job board and social media outlets to attract talented candidates, as well as knowledge of and access to effective IT networking events that reach many active and passive candidates on both a local and national level.  Career recruiters often have built personal networks of go to candidates that they can draw on, as well. Employers require more than just experience and education; they are also interested in softer personality qualities to make it in the job market.  Hiring the right person for the job reduces the risk of turn over.  Recruiters have the time and the ability to screen the candidates to find these softer skills that companies require, saving time and effort in the long run, while preventing turnover.

There are clear benefits when it comes to IT Staffing when the outsourcing model is used.  Let IT-focused recruiting professionals assist you in finding the expert talent in this ever changing, fast paced economy, while reducing costs for you.

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