Gamification Strategy

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Gamification strategy provides a fascinating educational journey for higher ed students. It offers an innovative approach to teaching and learning the curriculum in a more engaging, interactive, and fun way, enabling learners to virtually and visually experience new course material.

By taking gaming elements, such as avatars, simulations, leaderboards, and rewards, and intertwining these features with the everyday eLearning experience, educators create a new learning experience that is amusing, convenient, and inclusive. 

Through gamification, students learn by doing—It is a more hands-on approach than the traditional higher ed learning style, which primarily consists of lectures and limited student participation. The scalability of this strategy is a significant plus factor. Gamification allows hundreds of students to participate simultaneously, massively increasing the chances for greater student involvement. Learners gain the opportunity to test their performance skills, instantly check their answers, and work collaboratively with other students. Studies have reported feeling a sense of community.

Gamification takes a standard eLearning experience and makes it more exciting—one where students actively and willingly participate. These digital experiences have many benefits. They allow students to review core concepts, reinforce lessons, and provide practice opportunities, all of which have proven to keep students motivated, boost their confidence, and even reduce the feelings of isolation that distance learning can sometimes evoke. 

While the concept of learning by gaming is not new, there certainly has been an increase in the need for educators to rapidly find new ways to engage, motivate and encourage students in recent times. A well-constructed gamification strategy can be a game-changer shifting how students learn and retain information. When paired with standard practices, students have a greater chance of completing classes and enjoying the process while doing so.