Each dashboard tells a unique story that offers users the opportunity to monitor which key performance indicators (KPIs) are working and which need more attention. A dashboard is a summary of the most important data from reports to insights gathered in one convenient location. This allows users to easily access their most critical metrics in one glance, which helps in determining the performance of each activity within an organization.

The effects of the last year have caused companies to take inventory of the holes in their buckets, to review their current systems, and to refine strategies to keep businesses afloat. Many companies realized the weaknesses within their operations as customers’ needs rapidly changed. Undoubtedly, technology played a major role in supporting businesses all over the world throughout the past year. Outlined below are the top 5 tech trends to watch for in 2021.

The Evolution of e-learning

For decades, virtual learning has slowly redefined traditional education as it was once known. Whether it’s referred to as e-learning, online learning, virtual learning, or web-based training, there is no doubt about it that this method of obtaining information has expanded on how, and how many, students are able to access education today. Prior to March 2020, most students and teachers who participated in online learning did so because it was the best method of learning (or teaching) for their lifestyle. 

Perhaps you’re interested in reducing the amount of time spent on managing your current SQL Servers, or maybe you’d like to use a more modern approach. Maybe you’re considering lowering managing costs, improving performance, scaling your business, or there is even a chance that you are proactively seeking a high availability/disaster recovery solution. 

Is your database healthy? The importance of a State of Health Check

Knowledge is power and proactively determining what’s causing problems in your system is integral to keeping your system functioning and keeping you in the driver’s seat. There are many reasons to perform a State of Health check, including:

       A Departure: Staff departs and takes key environmental knowledge with them.

       New Management or Staff: A "changing of the guard" occurs when management or new staff is added and you need to quickly collect and provide cross-environment information.

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