Today we’re examining a matchup between two of the top business intelligence tools, Tableau and Power BI. We care about data visualization because we as humans understand things best when they’re visually well descriptive and interesting. This extends to you, your clients, your boss or your coworkers – it doesn’t matter how good your data is if no one understands it. This is where Tableau and Power BI come in. 

Business intelligence tools are designed to help businesses understand all of their data by analyzing and presenting the raw data in actionable information that guides decision making. Choosing the right BI tools are vital to help leaders understand their business and pinpoint and effect change that will help their organization succeed and grow.

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a process that seeks to help developers produce the highest quality software with the lowest cost in the shortest time possible. SDLC is composed of a detailed plan for how to develop, alter, maintain and replace the software system. SDLC is important because it offers a basis for project planning, scheduling, estimating, and a framework for a standard set of activities and deliverables.

In the second part of our SEO series, we’ll be taking a look at technical SEO. Technical SEO is the backbone of a webpage and ensures that websites are compatible with search engines and can be indexed and ranked. The techniques below are most effective when integrated during your website’s construction, as fixing technical SEO problems, later on, is a lengthy and involved process. Thankfully, recognizing these issues is half the battle, which is why we’ll be outlining common problems and solutions that can help regardless of where you are in the website design stage.