We Improve Contract Management

Pharmaceutical contract management departments are charged with managing the impact of complex rebate calculations over a large volume of contracts, staying within regulatory pricing standards, and efficiently managing the significant workflow surrounding price adjustments.

We have the expert resources as well as custom services and solutions that can help you automate key day-to-day contracting activities that contract management systems do not do well, making your organization more compliant, efficient, and cost-effective.


  • Contract Analytics: Forecasting, Gross to Net and Pricing Analysis
  • Contract Administration: Contract Setup and Compliance Auditing
  • Contract System Support
  • Data Integration and Custom Reporting
  • Membership Management
  • Utilization Data Scrubbing

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Managed Service Option

Fully Scalable Architecture...Cloud Hosted Integrated Data…Managed Operations

We do the heavy lifting, loading, validating, and standardizing your data. The result is cloud-based, integrated data, with experts ready to support your day-to-day activities..

Data Integration: Data is automatically loaded, validated, standardized and integrated within a centralized repository hosted in the cloud.

Contract Administration: Our experts can support your contract plan setup and auditing activities, to ensure your plans match your contract terms.

Payment Processing and Compliance: We validate your utilization data to ensure only valid rebates are processed for payment, ensure chargeback processing is accurate, and perform government pricing calculations that ensure compliance.

Contract Analytics: We combine sales and contracting data for greater insight into your business operations, providing financial liability forecasting, historical pricing analysis, and gross to net calculations.